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We’ve been talking about how we cannot afford to have any more excuses as to why we don’t know God! Last time, I touched on one of the biggest issues I dealt with that I know a lot of people deal with as well, “TRUST”. This is absolutely one of my favorite things to talk about because I’ve personally experienced it. So today I want to go even deeper.

Are you ready? Let’s Go!

Maybe, you say, “Jennifer. I’m good. I CAN TRUST GOD.”

Well, that’s great! Here are my questions for you:

Do you trust God with ALL OF YOUR HEART or just pieces of it?

Do you trust God with ALL the areas of your heart or just the areas you’re comfortable with?

Are there areas in your heart that you’re hiding from God?

Are there areas in your heart that you haven’t fully surrendered to Him?

Proverbs 3:5 says, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart..."

So we can think we’re trusting God with our heart - but we may not be trusting Him with ALL OF IT. There may be pieces of our heart that we’re still holding back or even have given away to other people. That was me.

As mentioned in my last post, God told me, “Stop trusting people with ALL OF YOUR HEART.” Well, God said THAT because that’s exactly what I was doing! I was trusting people with my whole heart. Then, wondering why they would turn around and destroy it. Well maybe because, they were never meant to hold my heart in the first place?

I used to give my heart away so much to other people and things that when it came to God, I had little to nothing left to give. In other cases, I would hide certain areas away from God because I wasn’t fully ready for Him to have access into those areas. I was ashamed of it. I didn’t want anyone to see it. I didn’t even want to acknowledge it.

Be Honest: Have you ever felt the same way?

It’s kind of like - you’re showing someone around your house or apartment. Well, everybody wants to show the rooms that are all clean and organized but nobody ever shows those rooms or that ONE closet that is cluttered, right? Well, that’s how we can be with God!

We’re like:

“God, you can come into this room of my heart, but don’t go into that one.”

“You can come into my heart but don’t touch my insecurities…That’s off limits God.” lol

We select and choose what rooms we want God to come into - But God is like, “I want to come into ALL OF THEM…not just some of them. I want ALL OF YOUR HEART…not just pieces of it.”

So when God tells us to “Trust Him with all of our heart,” That’s exactly what He means.

Trust Me with ALL OF IT.

The broken parts.

The ugly parts.

The parts you’re ashamed of.

Trust Me with it ALL.

God even gives us a disclaimer. He’s like, “CHILL, I CAN HANDLE IT!”

He’s not like people. He won’t break your heart.

He is Our Creator so He knows how to take care of us & He most certainly knows how to fix us.

And you may be scared to let God into certain areas of your heart. I know I was.

Transparent Moment: At first, I wasn’t comfortable with God coming into my insecurities & fears.

I had a lot of insecurities about my appearance. I thought I was ugly.

I was insecure about my relationships. I thought people were disloyal.

I had a fear of rejection. I dreaded social environments.

So you can imagine why I was uncomfortable. I didn’t want God to come into any of those areas!

These were my defense mechanisms. They helped me defend myself from being hurt again.

These were my walls. They fortified me from feeling more pain.

In retrospect, it can seem as if it’s okay to keep jacked up areas of our heart & never give them to God. It can seem as if your DEFENSE MECHANISMS are helping you out & that your WALLS are working for you!


Your defense mechanisms will turn on you. Your walls will collapse on you.

The very thing you thought was defending you will turn around and work against you.

How do I know? BECAUSE IT HAPPENED TO ME. I had to learn how to surrender my whole heart to God. It didn't just happen over night. I came to realize that the longer I put it off, the worse I became. The more walls I put up…the more broken my heart was...

It’s not until you let God into those areas that He can identify what needs to be done to make your heart WHOLE. I believe this is one of the ways that true intimacy with the Father begins is when You can let Him into the secrets of your heart. MY GOD. I love that.

So what’s stopping you from letting God encounter those secret areas of your heart? What's stopping you from trusting God with ALL OF IT?

Is it fear? Is it shame? Is it you?

Whatever it may be, it’s not worth YOU missing out on an Encounter with God that can make your heart WHOLE forever. #TRUST

I want to encourage you to spend some quiet time with God today and surrender those areas of your heart to Him. If you don't know what they are, ask Him to show you what areas that you have not fully surrendered to Him yet and expect Him to show you! Every time I have asked God to show me "ME", He never fails to do so! So don't be surprised at what you might see and be open to let Him in!

Use Psalm 139:23-24 as a reference: Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

I trust this post encouraged you!

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Much Love,

Jennifer Walton

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