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From just reading the title of this blog, some of you may have the idea that I’m about to go into this long dissertation about how “Abortion is not an option”. Some of you may even think that I am totally Pro-Life and my purpose is to encourage you to become the same.

Well, you may be right on a few things. To me, Abortion is not option. I am totally Pro-Life and I definitely don’t want you to ABORT YOUR DESTINY!

You have a unique destiny that God has placed inside of you that He intends to be birthed out of you at His appointed time. But sometimes, in between the conception and delivery - we often times consider abortion.

Be Honest: Have you ever had any of these thoughts?

This is taking too long.

This is hurting.

This is too hard.

This isn’t worth it.

I feel like I can’t do this.

I feel like I’m not ready for this.

The weight is too heavy for me to handle.

Why can’t I just walk in the destiny God has for me NOW?

Well, let me inform you - just like child birth is supernatural, birthing out destiny is EVEN MORE supernatural! And it takes time for your destiny to develop into what God intends for it to be. You can’t just have a healthy baby after a few weeks of conception just like you can’t have a healthy destiny after a few weeks of conception. Your destiny may die if it’s not developed properly OR if it’s birthed out prematurely.

While your destiny is being developed inside of you...

You may feel some kicks.

You may feel some pain.

You may feel like giving up.

You may feel like aborting your destiny.

But no matter what you do - Remember, ABORTION IS NOT AN OPTION.

A big thing the enemy endeavors to do to get us to abort our destiny is

he tries to discourage us. He perverts everything God does. So while God is trying to encourage you, he’s trying to disconnect you from your courage. While God says, “Be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9)…” he says, “you can’t do this, just give up.”

Encouragement= Connected to Your Courage (Comes from God)

Discouragement = Disconnected from Your Courage (Comes from Satan)

Discouragement is one of the main catalyst for aborting destiny. If the enemy can get you to be so discouraged and down on yourself, then you’ll kill your own destiny. The enemy’s goal is to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10) - but when you stay in a place of discouragement, you do his work for him.

You’ll never be completely who God called you to be or live to see the fullness of your destiny birthed out of you if you stay in a low place of discouragement.

Here’s a Secret: Discouragement is one of the first seeds to Depression. And when you are depressed, you feel as if there is NO HOPE. If you feel like you have NO HOPE, you have no expectation. And you need to be “EXPECTING” in order to BIRTH ANYTHING. So don't allow the enemy to plant those seeds of discouragement in your heart because he intends to reap a harvest of depression in your life. When depression is embraced, the door to suicide is wide open. And when the spirit of suicide is present, it will kill both a person & their destiny at the same time.

Transparent Moment: I remember a time in my life when I almost allowed discouragement to take me to a low place in life. Believe it or not, it was actually quite recently.

I have been working toward getting my driver’s license for the past several years.

I failed the permit test a couple of times.

I let my permit expire a few times.

I really didn’t want to drive at ANY my life.

And why? Because I had a fear of driving. I had seen so many movies & heard of so many horror stories of car accidents that literally frightened me. Without realizing it, I made a secret vow in my heart to NEVER place myself in a position for that to happen to me.

I was afraid that I would make a deadly mistake

Or even worse…

That someone else would do the same.

As a result, fear was controlling me.

It limited what I could do.

It restricted where I could go.

It hindered me from reaching new destinations.

In essence, Fear was controlling my destiny!

Be Honest with Yourself: What are you allowing to control your destiny?

That’s it for now - I know you want to hear the rest of this story, right? Stay Tuned. I’ll be posting a PART 2 soon!



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Much Love,

Jennifer Walton

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