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Let's Talk...Trust Issues.

LET'S GO DEEP...I'M TALKING "TRUST ISSUES" DEEP. Do you have ANY issues with trusting people? When did that start? Who violated your trust? Let's go back to the start.

​You can't change the fruit without identifying the root🍎💯 You may have experienced abandonment from a parent, rejection from someone close to you or abuse beyond your control. Right then in that moment, TRUST HAS BEEN BROKEN. No fault of your own. YES! Without your permission, your heart can been broken into & even start bleeding. Some of us have been bleeding for years & have never been seriously attended to. Unfortunately, when you don't deal with wounds, it can open the door for infections such as anger, distrust, fear, low self-esteem & so many other things💯 WARNING⚠️

Rejection will invite all its friends to live inside of your heart🏠❤ And if you don't kick them out right away, they'll start a party🎉 These spirits like to vent through alcohol, drugs, cutting, sex, porn. YOU NAME IT. So now, what was once just infecting your heart is now affecting your life💯 We're looking for safety, but who can we really trust? Who can we really depend on? The pain hurt us so much that we'd rather not accept people into our lives than give them an open opportunity to reject us in our face. We'd rather not have high expectations for people than give them a chance to let us down & disappoint us.

TBH: At one point in time, I got so tired of "friends" letting me down, that I stopped giving people that title. My theory was: If I never gave someone the title of "friend", it wouldn't be as bad if they disappointed me.

It was working for a while...until I realized

it didn't work lbvs It actually hindered all of my relationships & even caused insecurity about new ones. I would constantly question, "Is this person really my friend?" And if they really were & I held to my ideology, I would feel horrible inside.

In essence, We'd rather DISTRUST people than let them violate our trust again.

I know how that feels. It's scary because we don't want to get hurt...AGAIN.

So we think it's just better if we don't let people in...AGAIN.


When we shut everyone out...many times, we miss out on great relationships that God has ordained. We can also shut out God too. Our worldview can become so shattered that we judge God based on our experiences with those who hurt us. We may feel like if someone abandoned us, God will leave us too OR if someone rejected us, God will reject us too.

Rejection is real & the affects of it, can make us feel like,

"Who would even want to love me?"

TBH: I've caught myself many times in my teenage years doing so much to try to keep a relationship/friendship going. And why? Because of the rejection I experienced at school. So, as a teen, it became surreal for me to even believe that someone would want to talk to me or even have a relationship with me. How crazy is that?!?

But that is just what the enemy wants you to believe. I want you to know that God is not like the people who hurt you! God's intentions are good for you to give you an expected end (Jeremiah 29:11).

So again I ask you, "Who violated your trust?"

Don't treat God like He's the One who did it...because He didn't.

GOD LOVES YOU & HIS LOVE WILL NEVER FADE AWAY (Jeremiah 31:3). He would never do anything to hurt you. Just because someone didn't know how to handle your heart doesn't mean that God doesn't know how to. Learn to Trust Again💜 Learn to let God in & restore those broken areas of your heart. It will all be worth it. #Trust

I hope this helped you! We'll be talking about, "TRUSTING GOD" all month so

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