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It's Time to Reject Rejection!

When I was a child, I experienced a lot of rejection from my peers and it scarred me badly.


Really. When I tell you, I dreaded being in social environments, it had become my worst nightmare. Fear became a familiar song to me that replayed in my mind over and over again.

I never understood how I could be so nice to people and they could still turn around and be so mean to me.

If anyone knows anything about me, I love using “words”. Well, the enemy came for me with the exact thing that I loved the most! Dirty.

People used their words to talk about me, to tear me down, and to ultimately destroy me.

They called me awkward, a loner, ugly…all types of things.

They talked about my shoes…talked about the way I talked…

Not one day...but EVERY DAY OF SCHOOL. It was always something.

Worse than that…I BELIEVED every word they said.

So, I started to act like it. I allowed their words to define me. I allowed their words to mold my personality into someone I could barely recognize. Their words were lethal and my heart just wasn’t ready for it.

I began to see ALL people as cruel…and I put everyone in the same category.

So, I made a decision that I would ISOLATE myself from other people - not necessarily physically but socially...which was just as BAD.

I made an oath with myself that I was DONE being hurt & I was DONE talking to people at school. So, from that day on, I kid you not…it was like the devil literally placed a “muzzle” on my mouth.

I ran away. I stopped talking. I couldn’t take it anymore. So, this was the best solution.

I put up my walls and I was determined that they WERE NOT COMING BACK DOWN. I wasn’t going to let it happen. Nobody was going to break my heart AGAIN.


This is for somebody.

I know you may have been rejected…like I was...but never think that by running away, putting up walls, or isolating yourself from the rest of the world, you will avoid ALL hurt or problems. Been there. Done that.

I’m telling you from experience.

When you try to run away from HURT, you’ll run back into it…just in a different location.

When you try to isolate yourself from HURT, it will find you…just in another place.


I was wounded and I needed healing - like a lot of us need today.

Isolating myself from people wasn’t going to change that. Only GOD could change that!

No matter where you go, PEOPLE WILL BE THERE & THEY WILL STILL BE PEOPLE! They will be imperfect...just like YOU.

They will say things without thinking.

They will do things before considering.

But YOUR HEART doesn't have to be affected by someone else's actions.

You don’t have to be a VICTIM. You don’t have to be a slave to FEAR.

You are a child of God (Romans 8:15).

GOD LOVES YOU more than you know. It’s time to come Out of hiding!


Let's face it...

EVERYONE IS NOT THE PROBLEM. A lot of times, we just need Healing.

SO, CRY OUT TO GOD FOR IT! Ask Him to heal you in every area of your heart and life. God promised to be close to the brokenhearted and to save those who are crushed in their spirit (Psalm 34:18).

Are you broken in any area of you life? ASK GOD HEAL YOU.

Ask God to help you LET IT GO. Ask Him to help you FORGIVE those who rejected and hurt you and HE WILL.

That’s what I had to do.

The oath I made to myself as a child - backfired. It didn’t shield me from any hurt…it just magnified it.

I was tired of feeling hurt. I was tired of feeling lonely. I was tired of not being able to be my TRUE self around other people.

And there was some really good people that God desired to be in my life but because of the fear of rejection, I blocked them out.

How many people have you pushed away due to the fear of rejection?

I don't know about you but I WAS TIRED OF DOING THAT. So, I cried out to God almost every day. I had to forgive some people. I had to let a lot go. It wasn't easy but it was worth it.

As a result, God healed me and changed me - And He is still working in me to this day!

So I am a witness! If He did it for me, He’ll do it for you too. But you have to get fed up with "dysfunction". You have to get sick of being "sick". God is a HEALER and He’ll heal you of every physical and emotional wound...but you have to do your part! You have to let Him in!

So I encourage you...

No matter what they said to you.

No matter what they did to you.

No matter how hurtful it was...No wound is ever too deep that God cannot heal.

Isolation is not the answer.

It’s time to take off the False Protection.

It’s time to stop running away.

It’s time to Run to God.


TRUST GOD to Heal your heart. Trust God to Guard your heart & Trust Him to be Your Protector...Forever.


I trust this post has been an encouragement to you! I know “rejection” is a big area for a lot of people so if this has encouraged you in any way, be sure to comment below & share it up!


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That's all for now! I love you all <3

Jennifer Walton

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