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Boundaries: Is it bad to be too open?

The Answer is YES. Think of Boundaries like GATES that block off someone's property.

Why do people have gates?

To prevent CRAZY people from trespassing their property & vandalizing it! Just like gates are used to guard property, Boundaries are used to guard your soul! (Check out Proverbs 4:23) But if you have NO Boundaries, it's like your soul saying, "Hey, I'm OPEN for whatever!!!" And if you're open for whatever, guess what?

“Whatever” will come!

Drug addiction, lust, alcohol, sex outside of marriage, std’s, low self-esteem, depression - you name it. If anything crazy ever just shows up on the front porch of your soul, check to see if your boundaries are TOO OPEN.

Granted, I understand that sometimes boundaries have been forced open to no fault of our own....but it doesn't have to stay that way, you know? God has given you the power to close them NOW. It doesn't matter whether you come from a single-parent household, a dysfunctional family, or even a foster family, etc. Your life does NOT have to be based on the Standards you've always known! Even if your family is fully functional but there are certain things you know just have never been right...

You can Set the Standard for something Different!

But you need God's help to do that. You can't do this by yourself (Philippians 4:13). Your life is too valuable to NOT have STANDARDS. Your soul is too valuable to NOT have BOUNDARIES. You wouldn't just let anyone come in and vandalize your room.

So why do we just let people come in and vandalize our soul? Do you care about your soul? Do you value your life? If you do, it's time to do something Radical! Surprise a few people. Surprise yourself. Take a look at your life. Pray to God about the areas you have No Standards in and SET SOME BOUNDARIES RIGHT NOW!


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